Brand Management
Our team combines countless years of expertise within the automotive aftermarket industry with a devout passion as enthusiasts. Our experience allows us to guide and aid manufacturers in building, maintaining, and advancing their respective brands.

Distribution Channel Management
The proper management of a territories distribution network depends on a deep knowledge of the region, as well as years worth of developing and harvesting contacts and relationships. Our team has been doing so for nearly 48 years, and can guide a vendor towards a successful distribution network.

Data Management & Customer Service
In a technologically savvy world, we excel at maintaining, storing and developing data that allows our manufacturers to get their products to the customers and end-users quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated 5-member customer service team (affectionatly known as the “Pitcrew”) helps manage all data files, images, pricing, and databases, custom-tailored for each account within our region.

Field Work
We cover our market by having boots on the ground, with reps living in their markets, to better serve their respective jobber bases and cover those effectively for our manufacturers.

Event Coverage & Trailer Program
We believe that one of the keys to success is continually interacting with consumers who use the products we represent. On average we attend over 80 events throughout our territory (another benefit of having 30 team members), including races, car shows and cruise-ins. Our grass-roots style effort allows us to have valuable face time with the end user to better learn what it is they need.

Kunzman and Associates owns and maintains our own event trailers and displays, ranging from 60′ display, including full rolling boards, trailer, and awning, to our small trailer display, and lastly down to our trunk displays (which each of our reps has a version of). This wide array of event displays allows us to support our entire territory at consumer events throughout the year. We take the manufacturers to the consumer, wherever they may be racing, cruising or kicking tires.

Warranty Handling and Processing
We handle warranty visits and reviews, as well as processing, for key accounts who request such.

Continuous education for both our team and our accounts is critical in our success. Our team receives monthly training, to stay up to date and current on the latest product offerings from our manufacturers. We also manage and facilitate training at accounts, events, and sales rooms regularly.

In a data centric world, we have developed in-house systems to ensure that our manufacturers and customers receive the best service possible. Such systems include:

  • KARL: The Kunzman Advanced Resource Library is a sequel based database which allows us to maintain data, pricing, imaging, customer load sheet formats, and more, with the ability to output data in customized formats at the push of a button. This system allows our team to create load sheets on-demand, run category and keyword queries, as well as advise on a wide array of data fields, all managed and maintained in-house.
  • FRT: The Field Resource Tool web app, custom designed in-house, allows us to maintain a complete jobber and account database, categorizes each account by their services, niches, vendors carried, and preferred warehouses. This tool gives our reps the ability to track their respective accounts, regardless of size or specialty, and record various metrics while in the field.

Promotions & Marketing
Through our sister company, ARC, we are able to offer full service marketing and communications services specifically for the automotive aftermarket industry. These services include:

  • Graphic design
  • Website design + programming
  • Marketing collateral
  • Marketing strategy + planning
  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Publicity
  • Mail-in Rebates
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Incentives/SPIFFS

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