Why Work with a Manufacturers Rep Agency

As an automotive manufacturer, you’ve most likely heard about manufacturers rep agencies, or may even know of competitors who use them. You might be well versed in all that a rep agency can do, or may think it’s something that only the “big guys” can utilize to their advantage.

The truth is any company, of any size, can benefit from partnering with a manufacturer’s rep agency. At its core, manufacturers reps are sales companies who work on behalf of vendors to get their product to distributors or in retail stores. They work on your behalf and as an extension of your team to get your product on the shelves and into customer’s hands.

Some of the many benefits of working with a manufacturers rep agency include:

  • Reduce overhead cost
  • Standardize sales costs via commission rate
  • Engage a larger multi-faceted sales team
  • Eliminate fixed payroll and benefits costs
  • Profit from years of established relationships
  • Increase sales and territory coverage

Working with a manufacturers rep agency allows you to leverage the relationships with customers, distributors and jobbers that they’ve spent years, if not decades, developing. Being represented by an agency gives your product a level of credibility and trust, and allows you to get in front of the right people, quicker.